Connecting Africans and Friends of Africa
Connecting Africans and Friends of Africa



About AfricaNetworking [AN]


AfricaNetworking is an online portal based in Hamburg, Germany. It connects Africans and friends of Africa in business, art, culture, and religion.


AfricaNetworking is also a forum for networking ideas, suggestions, information and projects for the African community abroad.


AfricaNetworking addresses issues directly relevant to Africans like immigration, business activities, tourism and investment.


Our Mission


Give Africans in the Diaspora a forum to tell their life experiences.

  • Help Africans realise their dreams through counselling.
  • Help Africans operating small businesses (especially in Europe) connect with their countries of origin and the world.
  • Each African abroad is endowed with talents and potentials. It is our mission to enable each individual exploits his or her talents and potentials. This will be for the benefit of the individual, the community, his or her country of origin and the African continent.
  • For Africans in the Diaspora, who for one reason or another don’t feel like returning to their countries of origin? This is a forum for them to channel suggestions, ideas and information on improving their various countries in particular and the African continent as a whole.
  • Uplift humanity.


Core Values

Respect, diversity, learning(traditional and scientific) interdependency, creativity and innovation.




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