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Concerned Minds For Habitation Securities

P.O. Box 14676, Yaoundé


Tel: (+237) 77 34 16 56




A group of young Cameroonians on the fourth day of April, two thousand and six, in Yaoundé came together as friends discussing contemporary issues in the domain of Environmental Protection; given that the plight of Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon is plagued with lots of these problems. In the course of these discussions, a question raised on how we can contribute to alleviating the situation, metamorphosed into the idea of creating an Association, with aims, goals and objectives geared towards eradicating these predicaments, which include educating the general public through debates, workshops, seminars, etc. on the need to uphold and keep clean and safe Environmental habits.

Considering also the rate of migration by the rural masses into city centres, which is not proportionate to accommodation facilities available, the option to create an association was buttressed; to cater for the afore mention problems. The name “Concerned Minds for Habitation Securities” [COMIHAS] was adopted, with motto, as “Saving the Environment”. COMIHAS was formally created on the tenth day of April, two thousand and six.COMIHAS function as an indigenous non-political, non-profit making Association and operate under the Law within which Associations exist in Cameroon.





The head office of COMIHAS is situated at Etoug-Ebe – Yaoundé;  Post Office Box 15838 Yaoundé Cameroon.





 -The objectives of Common Minds for Habitation Securities [COMIHAS]

 -To stimulate and advance work to eradicate filth, pollution , global warming and land degradation.

 -To promote, in co-operation with other organizations (national and international), specialized agencies where necessary in the prevention of both natural and man-made disasters.

 -To provide information, counsel and assistance in the field of Environmental protection, gearing at standardizing urbanization with respect to urban Architecture.

 -To assist in developing an informed public opinion among all peoples on environmental matters.

 -To study and report on, in co-operation with other organizations, specialized agencies where necessary, administrative and social techniques affecting the environment from preventive to supportive points of views, including humanitarian services and habitation securities.

 -To establish and maintain effective collaboration with specialized national and international agencies, government environmental administrations, professional groups and such other organizations as may be deemed appropriate.

 -To assist communities, councils and the government upon request in strengthening environmental services during disasters.





   The goals COMIHAS are :

 -To give fresh impulse to popular education on environmental principles for the public to maintain, increase and diffuse knowledge on waste collection, management and disposal.

 -To furnish appropriate technical assistance and in emergencies necessary aid upon the acceptance of government.

 -To improve standards of teaching and training in Environmental protection, Bio-diversity conservation and urban planning related professions.

 -To standardize environmentally, diagnostic procedures as necessary with respect to housing design, situation and location within our communities, council areas and cities.

 -To develop, establish and promote both national and international standards with respect to garbage collection and disposal geared at upholding clean and safe environmental habits.





   The organization shall have as target groups;

 -Children /Youths.

 -The less/under privilege.

 -Low wage earners.

 -The councils.

 -The general public.




COMIHAS operates within the National territory with specific observation units in the centre, Littoral, Southwest and Northwest Provinces of the republic of Cameroon.




  COMIHAS intervenes in the following sector and activities;

 -Collection, treatment and disposal of household solid waste.

 -Provide assistance and temporal shelter in event of disasters.

 -Community clean up exercises.

 -Projection of environmental protection ideas and ideals.




  COMIHAS uses as methodology to participate during possible interventions;

 -Education ‘through seminars, workshops, symposiums, etc.’

 -Follow up ‘field visits’

 -Media ‘through press releases, articles, communiqués, etc.’

 -Research and documentation.







“ There are many other billions of people suffering from lack of affordable housing – all the facilities which make our lives decent. We must work together and generate the political will to have a smooth implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and I will work very closely and harder than before.”

(UN Secretary General Ban      Ki-Moon, 2007)


“We are now at a very significant turning point in history: The year 2007 will be the year in which for the first time, half of humanity will be living in towns and cities. It marks the beginning of a new urban era. It is projected that by 2030 that figure will rise to two-thirds. The cities growing faster are those of the developing World.  And the fastest growing neighbourhoods are the slums.”

(UN-HABITAT Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka,2007)



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